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Names For Wedding Cocktails

Names for wedding cocktails can be anything from the traditional to the outlandish. It all depends on what the couple wants. Here are a few examples to get started.

Champagne cocktails are always a fan favorite. They can be simple with just champagne and fruit, or they can be a little more complex with added ingredients like liquor or syrup.

Mimosas are another popular choice for wedding cocktails. Again, they can be simple with just orange juice and champagne, or …

Winter Wedding Cocktails

A winter wedding is a beautiful event that many couples choose to celebrate each year. One of the most important aspects of planning a winter wedding is selecting the perfect cocktails to accompany the meal and festivities. There are many different types of winter wedding cocktails that can be chosen, depending on the theme and atmosphere of the wedding.

Hot drinks are always a popular choice for winter weddings. Mulled wine, cider, and hot toddies are all perfect for keeping …