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Names For Wedding Cocktails

Names for wedding cocktails can be anything from the traditional to the outlandish. It all depends on what the couple wants. Here are a few examples to get started.

Champagne cocktails are always a fan favorite. They can be simple with just champagne and fruit, or they can be a little more complex with added ingredients like liquor or syrup.

Mimosas are another popular choice for wedding cocktails. Again, they can be simple with just orange juice and champagne, or …

Bridal Cocktail

A bridal cocktail is a drink traditionally served at weddings. It is made of a mix of champagne and fruit juices, and can be flavoured with a variety of fruits.

The bridal cocktail is often served in a champagne flute, and can be garnished with a slice of fruit or a maraschino cherry. It is a refreshing drink that can be enjoyed by guests of all ages.

The bridal cocktail is a popular choice for wedding receptions, as it is …